Wendy Hiscocks

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ANZAC COVE (2001) SATB a cappella
Text by Kemal Attatürk

Duration: 5 minutes

Performance note In November 2000 the composer visited Anzac Cove at Gallipoli and was moved by the beauty of Attatürk’s text, which is carved into a large stone plaque near the shoreline. Attatürk was the young officer who, at the time of the Gallipoli campaign, brilliantly led the Turkish forces in their successful defence against the Allied invasion and went on to become the founder and leader of modern day Turkey. Johnnies and mehmets are slang terms for Allied and Turkish soldiers.
The brush-pulse which begins the music is intended to be unobtrusive but softly audible to the audience; the reference is not to drums or military noise but to the ghostly echoes of the ANZACs’ footsteps. It is a pulse rather than a stroke and around five to ten singers not in full view of the audience can swing an arm gently (about six inches in front and behind is enough) and let the hand brush the leg as it passes. The noteheads slashed downward from left to right indicate the down-stroke from front to back (much like a down-bow); the slightly different colour of the up-stroke on the second and fourth beats is intentional.

Publisher details Wirripang www.australiancomposers.com.au/authors/wendy-hiscocks

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