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FOUR RUSTIC DANCES (1990 ) Folk dance arrangements.

FOUR RUSTIC DANCES (1990 ) Folk dance arrangements.
East Ukranian Dance Tune; Kolo; Tarantella; Kruhove Tance. Duration: 3½ minutes

Programme notes These are arrangements of traditional folk dances from various parts of Europe and were dedicated to my mother with the ulterior motive of getting her to practice the piano! The pieces are specifically designed, however, with children in mind, and avoid large stretches or heavy chords. Suggested tempi are indicated in the edition, but all the pieces are playable in a fairly wide range of tempi, making them accessible to near-beginners as well as providing lively showpieces for more advanced young players. So far they have been taken up by children up to the age of 92 years old.

Publisher details Wirripang www.australiancomposers.com.au/authors/wendy-hiscocks
Also available in Currency Press edition Australian Piano Music Vols 2, 3 & 4 from Australian Music Centre. www.amcoz.com.au

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