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MOTHER AND CHILD (1999-2000)

MOTHER AND CHILD (1999-2000)
Benediction; My Song; The Champa Flower; The End
Four songs for soprano, clarinet and strings. Version for soprano, clarinet and piano also available. Poems by Rabindranath Tagore. Range: c-sharp’ to a”
Duration: 12 minutes

Programme notes These four songs can be accompanied by either clarinet and piano or clarinet and string orchestra (the clarinet part is the same in each case). The poems, from Rabindranath Tagore’s collection The Crescent Moon, doubtless reflect life experiences, specially The Champa Flower where one can imagine Rabindranath himself at play as a child (the poem refers to an Indian fairy tale in which children have been transformed into champa flowers). Having grown up in a cultured family, Tagore greatly enjoyed the frequent evenings of household storytelling when he was a child. Benediction has the poet speaking to the new mother; in My Song the mother sings to the child; and the last two are the child speaking or singing to the Mother (with some dialogue at the end of The Champa Flower). The End is a beautiful and moving poem which retains its tenderness and dignity in the tragic face of infant mortality, a topic Tagore knew well from experience.

Publisher details Creativity & Music info@wendyhiscocks.com
Australian Music Centre. www.amcoz.com.au

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