Wendy Hiscocks

Composer Pianist



for string orchestra, with solos throughout each section.
Commissioned for and premièred at the Kallmunz festival, Germany 6th April 2002 by the Festival-Kallmünz-Orchester conducted by Graham Buckland.
Duration: 7 minutes
Programme notes The Unheeded Pageant takes its inspiration from Rabindranath Tagore’s poem of the same title, describing events in the life of a young child. The music focuses on three elements from the poem. A dance-like theme near the beginning corresponds to the more earth-borne links between mother and child—’She claps her hands and her bracelets jingle, and you dance with your bamboo stick in your hand like a tiny little shepherd.’ A scherzando motif represents the wind who ‘carries away in glee the tinkling of your anklet bells.’ A more ethereal legato theme reflects the realm of heaven—’The fairy mistress of dreams is coming towards you, flying through the twilight sky.’ Later in the movement the wind provides a bridge between the realms of heaven and earth, and the themes are intermingled.
The Unheeded Pageant was premiered on 6th April 2002 at the Festival Kallmünz in Bavaria, by the Festivalorchester Kallmünz conducted by Graham Buckland.

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