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Kladenetsut (The Well); Moe Sartse (My Heart)
Mezzo-soprano and viola. Poems by Elisaveta Bagryana in Bulgarian. Range: g to f”
Duration: 7 minutes and 3 minutes

Programme note Kladenetsut (The Well) is like a fable, relating a well dug by the poet in her youth to the wellspring of her poetry. The song was premiered on 21 October 1996 by Naomi Itami, accompanied by Roy Howat on viola, at a Guildford Book Festival concert called Seasons of Change. Moe Sartse (My Heart) is the poet’s affectionate ode to her beating heart. The two songs were first performed together by Bulgarian singer Natalia Afeyan, accompanied by Dorothea Vogel, in London in December 1999. The songs are set in the original Bulgarian, whose rhythm and inflections are an essential part of the music. To this end the score gives the original text together with a translation to aid comprehension.

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Australian Music Centre. www.amcoz.com.au

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